Down with HTML email

I may be in the vast minority here, but I see anything that decreases the viability of HTML mail as a good thing ;) Then again, I mostly use pine (occasionally Thunderbird on the laptop and Chatter+ on the Treo). The LQ Community Bulletin, which has well over 100,000 subscribers, has always been plain text and will continue to be plain text. Along with the great pains we take to do things right (which I won't even get into), that's probably why we have exceptional delivery rates and such a low number of unsubscriptions. I think people are tired of being marketed to non-stop. It's not that HTML email can't be done right, it's just so abused that I think at this point most people wish it would go away. Now, we're one step closer.

One Response to Down with HTML email

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree if I don't check my mail for a couple of days I get like a huge amount of mail. from who I don't even know. I can't read all them. you'd think I'm a super star. Nope I'm not and this is what the average person has to deal with. constantly spammed by companies. I think that plain text is fine. I think your right it's not that html is bad it's just abused so much, as long as we're talking about emails.

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