Interviewed by Packt Publishing

Mayank Sharma has just posted an interview he did with me for Packt Publishing. From the interview:
When I first ran my Linux distribution almost a decade ago, there weren't many places I could turn to for help. Whatever mailing list you tuned into, everybody seemed to be concerned with improving the Linux kernel or some other gibberish task. If ever, my newbie queries always returned back with a single word — RTFM ( That's until Jeremy Garcia fresh into his first full-time Linux job, decided to give something back to the community. His website,, soon became the one-stop source for all Linux-related user queries.
In all these years I am yet to come across a single Linux user that hasn't, at one point or the other, benefited from LinuxQuestions. For the statistically inclined, LinuxQuestions's two hundred thousand registered members had posted over 2 million posts as per stats available in December last year!
In this interview, the site's founder, Jeremy Garcia, discusses how has out grown its forum board-only image and spawned a hardware compatibility list, a wiki, a social bookmarking site, and a podcast.

Thanks for the kind words Mayank. It's always great to see when others think LQ is adding real value to the community. That's what it's all about.

2 Responses to Interviewed by Packt Publishing

  1. Anonymous says:

    He forgot to mention the personal involvement that you, as founder of the site, still have with the members and the number of times that you, yourself, will either add to or answer a lot of questions. I don't know how you still have the time to do it, but, as I've said before, hats off to you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Corey – much appreciated.

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