MySQL Quietly Drops Support For Debian Linux II

Brian from MySQL has responded to this. From the linked post:
This morning I am working on a bug with Monty Taylor for a customer who is having an issue with multi-cpu capabilities on Debian. Which makes me surprised to read:
MySQL supports Debian. We have in the past and we will continue to do so in the future.
We don't build Enterprise binaries on debian yet. The Enterprise project is new and we are just starting to roll out binaries for it.
Ubuntu is on schedule to be supported next year (I believe first quarter). We don't build binaries for Debian in part because the Debian community does a good job themselves. We have traditionally only built binaries where vendors had issues, or vendors didn't build binaries at all. The Debian community has never had this issue.
If you call MySQL and you have support we support you if you are running Debian (the same with Suse, RHEL, Fedora, Ubuntu and others..).
Some developers run Debian and Ubuntu is quickly becoming the “most favored” distributions among developers for their desktop machines. Using Debian ourselves means that it gets tested dozens of times a day as developers work.
What do I suspect happened to generate the Slashdot post?
We messed up some internal communication in MySQL and someone in Sales was left with the wrong information. It happens and I can say I certainly wish it did not. There are a lot of Linux distributions and I can see where this could happen, like all companies we could do better to communicate this information internally.
The fact is though that we support it, and we are going to continue to support it. We also need to fix our internal communication.

There you have it. Great response and good to know.
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