OSDL restructures; CEO leaves, nine employees dismissed

It looks like the OSDL is going through another significant restructuring. From the article:
The Open Source Development Labs has announced a restructuring, including the departure of CEO Stuart Cohen and layoffs of nine employees working for the organization. Mike Temple, the current CFO of OSDL, will be taking over as the chief operating officer.
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Linus Torvalds, whose work on the Linux kernel is sponsored by OSDL, was not affected by the job cuts. OSDL has 19 full-time employees remaining after the layoffs. The company has not said how many contractors are still working with OSDL.
No one from OSDL was available to speak for this story, but OSDL did send out a statement with information about the job cuts and restructuring. According to the statement, OSDL is going to continue to provide a “safe haven” for key open source developers, including Torvalds.

While it's good to see that Linus wasn't impacted, this is the second restructuring for the OSDL in a fairly short time. One has to hope that the organization is viable long term as they currently contribute quite a bit to Linux development. There's no official post on the OSDL site yet, and I haven't seen any info on whether the recently announced kernel documentation project will be impacted. Cohen said he is “looking forward to forming a venture to explore open source joint development using best practices in collaboration and building communities.” This is a terrible time of the year to lose a job (not that any time is a great time, but right before the holidays is even worse) and I wish all those impacted the best of luck in finding gainful employment in the Open Source wold in an expedient manner.
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2 Responses to OSDL restructures; CEO leaves, nine employees dismissed

  1. Anonymous says:

    > I haven't seen any info on whether the recently announced kernel
    > documentation project will be impacted
    The recent announcements will have no impact on the kernel
    documentation project. OSDL has phone conferences scheduled this
    week for kernel developers to interview selected candidates and plans
    to hire a contractor for the postion soon.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the update Tom, much appreciated.

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