CentOS: Oracle Linux Doesn't Measure Up

An interesting Q&A with the CentOS team about their thoughts on Unbreakable Linux. From the article:
“Oracle [has] seen what has been achieved by projects such as CentOS, and [has] effectively copied the idea, as they are entitled to under the GPL,” said Lance Davis, one of CentOS's volunteer developers.
“There is evidence that in places Oracle is a rebuild of CentOS, rather than of Red Hat–again as they are entitled [to] under the GPL. [But] it would be polite for Oracle to acknowledge the fact that they are derived from CentOS and make a donation to the project.”
Johnny Hughes, a CentOS community member who is now testing the free version of Oracle's Enterprise Linux, told LinuxPlanet that the software is “poorly documented, extremely buggy, and of questionable security hardening.”

Lance was one booth down from us in the .Org Village at LWE UK and I still owe him an LQ shirt ;) The article also goes into some of the trouble users may have with the differences in Unbreakable and RHEL, including different patches and different build systems. I covered much of these in my previous posts on the subject, but I think it's good to get a perspective from a team that has built a respected RHEL clone for a long time.
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