LQ Job Marketplace Update

A couple months ago, we announced the LQ Job Marketplace. We knew a huge talent pool existed in the LQ membership, and we wanted to connect those talented members with people with quality Linux, Open Source and Programming jobs. So far it's been a success. Here's a recent post:
I just wanted to post a quick update that I hope people thinking about posting a job advert will appreciate.
I've had about 6 responses to this advert all from top quality people who know a lot about Linux. I am now in a position where the server I need administering is up-to-date and am waiting for the rest of the business to catch up. It is totally worth posting to this forum, even if it costs a few quid. The quality of the people you will make contact with is second to none … also that few quid is going to a very good website. I'll certainly be posting back here if I have any Linux related jobs come up again.

It's great to see the employers are getting the results they're looking for. This is a real win/win/win situation, which is rare. Employers get an inexpensive way to get their job posting out there, we're able to connect members to potential gainful employment in the FOSS world, and LQ makes a few nickels in the process. One great thing is that real discussion is taking place in many of the postings. If you haven't seen it yet, head over to the LQ Job Marketplace.
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