Oracle To Bring Siebel CRM To Linux

Furthering its commitment to Linux, Oracle has announced that the newest version of Siebel CRM will support Linux. From the article:
The independent Siebel Systems, bought by Oracle for over $5 billion last year, had not pledged to support Linux. It had, however, worked with IBM to ensure that Siebel CRM could work with DB2 database running on Linux.
Still, this news is kind of a no-brainer for Oracle watchers. The Redwood Shores, Calif. company has said it has moved the bulk of its internal systems to Linux already. It has also said it is moving its internal CRM system to Siebel. Ergo, Siebel had better run on Linux.
A spokeswoman confirmed that the company is now implementing the nascent Siebel 8 CRM internally and that Siebel 8 will support Linux. It is likely Oracle executives will talk about this development at Oracle OpenWorld kicking off October 22 in San Francisco.

No mention of which distribution(s) will be supported, nor was there any further rumors about an Oracle-supported Linux release. One has to guess that at a minimum RHEL and SLES will be on the support list. It's good to see Linux continuing to move up the chain, further and further into the enterprise space. Oracle is obviously a huge player in this space, and the fact that they are moving more toward linux internally says a lot.
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