Microsoft on warding off the Linux threat

Wow. The hubris in this ZDNet interview is astounding. While some people at Microsoft are certainly adapting to a shifting business landscape, Nick McGrath, Microsoft's head of platform strategy in the UK, is a shining example of what is wrong with the Microsoft corporate culture. Reading the interviews it becomes clear that factual information and reality are of no concern. At times, you almost expect him to say something along the lines of “nah nah nah, I can't hear you”. Items like:
Q. Presumably you accept that there is more Linux in businesses than a few years ago?
A. No, I don't accept that at all.

show that either he is purposely being deceitful, or he's painful unaware of reality. Neither are good for a “head of platform strategy” IMHO. This interview is something I would have expected a couple years ago, but not today. Whether you like Linux or not, it should be obvious that there is more of it in businesses than a few years ago. Even if it's a small amount when compared to what Microsoft sells, it's still more on a comparative level with itself over time (especially where times is measured in a duration of a few years). It's clear that some people still think Microsoft is invincible, despite thousands of years of human history that categorically tell us that nothing of human origin is invincible. From the greatest of dynasties to the mightiest of companies, every one has a downfall eventually. Putting your head in the sand and denying that will only bring about your demise faster.
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One Response to Microsoft on warding off the Linux threat

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don't see the interview as being honest and forthright in the first place, so do not attribute Mr. McGrath's comments as an indicator of his level of knowledge on the subject. He was clearly being badgered and just went into a defensive mode. What else could he do?
    First and foremost, a Microsoft employee has to feel enthused about his product. Keeping momentum during this long stretch before Vista is released must be difficult, and I don't blame him for fudging on the answers. After all, he is a Microsoft employee and has to generate enthusiasm for those under him. Maybe he was not capable of shifting gears so fast. Granted, his comments towards Linux were not very generous, but who would expect them to be?
    Let's not forget that it took 400 years for the rotten Roman Empire to finally succumb to the barbarian invaders! We are seeing but a few little chinks in Microsoft's armour. I do not expect a rout for at least a decade.

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