Quickest Patch Ever

As was guessed in the original article, Microsoft was able to patch the issue quite quickly. In fact, quicker than most security fixes. From the article:
If you really want to see Microsoft scramble to patch a hole in its software, don't look to vulnerabilities that impact countless Internet Explorer users or give intruders control of thousands of Windows machines. Just crack Redmond's DRM.
Now to be fair, this wasn't a full patch in the traditional sense, just an update of the DRM (which is more akin to a configuration change than a code change). But, the speed with which this was rolled out still underscores where the Microsoft priorities are. With the Zune poised to go, I'm sure they didn't want the RIAA thinking their DRM was bogus. Just goes to show that Microsoft really doesn't consider the average user the customer. Their customer is Dell/HP/etc. As long as this is the case, it just won't be in their perceived interest to help you. As you may have suspected, the patched version has already been compromised.
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