Ex-Microsoft Security Strategist Joins Mozilla

You read that right. Mozilla has announced that “Window Snyder is joining Mozilla to lead the company's effort to protect its range of desktop applications from malicious hacker attacks.” As you may have guessed, many people are having a field day with this one. Comments like “Microsoft has a security team?” and “There goes the neighborhood” abound. The reality is that Window has gotten nothing but praise from every respected security professional I've seen comment. If she's good enough for the likes of Fyodor, that says a lot. As Firefox continues to gain market share, it's clear it'll become more and more of a target. It's great to see Mozilla being proactive and putting someone in place who can help construct a long term security plan. A small correction to many of the articles I've seen – she didn't come directly from Microsoft, but from Matasano Security where she was a principal and founder (she also worked for @stake before it was acquired by Symantec).
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