OSL Rackathon 2006

If you're looking for a place to donate money that will benefit Open Source related projects, the OSL Rackathon 2006 may be just what you've been seeking. From the OSL description:
Greetings! We are looking for individuals to help sponsor the OSL in our new fundraising campaign. However, this is a campaign like no other. When you make a donation to the OSL, we will stick your name on one of our racks as our own way of saying “Thanks!”. These racks host some of the top names in open source software.
For those of you unfamiliar with OSL, they help host and maintain servers for Open Source projects. Who, you ask? The likes of Mozilla, Slackware, KDE, Gnome, Debian, Drupal, kernel.org and so many more that you should really go check it out yourself. The team there is great, and at a recent LinuxWorld they made it clear that if LQ ever needed help it would be there. A great project and one that LQ was proud to be able to donate to.
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