First open source Java code promised for October

Following up on an earlier promise, Sun will be publish the first parts of Open Source Java in October. More code will follow soon after, with the process being completed by 2007. The first bits to open will be Java C and the Hotspot VM, which isn't surprising since decent Open implementation already exist here. A license hasn't been decided yet, which was a bone of contention after the original Sun announcement. With the missing license info and details on exactly what Sun will be Open Sourcing extremely light (will it include the mobile stuff or the class libraries), the article doesn't give us much more than we knew on the direction of this initiative, but we do finally have a firm date. It's good to see Sun quickly following through on their promise and we're all anxiously anticipating watching this unfold. In the end, this could have far reaching implications, not only for OSS (especially projects like OOo), but mobile computing and really computing in general.
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