Firefox crop circles

You have to hand it to Firefox enthusiasts, they're a dedicated bunch that continue to show incredible ingenuity. They've funded a full page NYT ad, launched a Firefox weather balloon and now we have a Firefox crop circle. Yes, an actual crop circle. In fact, a 220 foot wide crop circle. There are loads of pictures available and it really is quite an impressive feat.
On the topic of Firefox, I recently noted that the 1.5.x branch had been unstable and slow compared to earlier versions (and the post got a lot of corroborating feedback). I've updated to the latest recently, so I'll give an update. Performance has definitely been improved. The odd delays on tab switching is completely gone and interactivity in general feels better. Stability is improved, but not quite to the original level. I still get the occasion crash and I still get the issue where the window pops out of the frame (for lack of a better quick description). All in all though, a very good release that has made significant progress. I suspect by I'll be extremely happy.
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