The LQ Bookmarks site is moving

About a year ago, we released LQ Bookmarks, a site for Social Bookmarking, tagging and annotating all things Linux and Open Source. The site has seen decent adoption, but not to the level I'd have liked. I think one thing holding the site back was the lack of integrated logins. We're closing in on 300,000 registered LQ members and we were not taking advantage of that. Also, the site was very functional, but a bit plain even by LQ standards (where functionality trumps design every time). I am happy to announce that we just relaunched the site at The new site has an updated look, a unified LQ login, supports the API, has a nice tag cloud and more. If you used the old site you can import your bookmarks to the new site with a single click. The site should be considered BETA, but seems fairly stable at the moment. As always your feedback is welcome. We'll start redirecting tags from the old site to the new in a few weeks.
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