IE7 to be Pushed to Users Via Windows Update

If you're an ecommerce site, you'd better start testing your site in IE7. Why? It looks like they are going to push it out via automatic update, right before the holidays. From the article:
IE 7 will be delivered in the fourth quarter as a “high priority” update via Automatic Updates in Windows XP, Gary Schare, Microsoft's director of IE product management, said in an interview Tuesday.
“The justification, of course, is the significant security enhancements in IE 7,” Schare said. Microsoft recommends that all Windows users install the new browser when it ships, he added.

While it should be noted that users will have the ability to choose not to install the update, I'd guess most will click yes out of habit. Microsoft will also be offering a “Internet Explorer 7 Blocker Toolkit” for businesses. This automatic update could be a mixed blessing. While anything is likely to be more security that IE6, who knows how some sites will end up rendering. The good news for us standards based coders is that we may be ok as IE7 looks to be more compliant than any previous release. If you coded to the quirks of IE6 though, you may be in trouble. I'd still recommend Firefox if you're looking for a better browsing experience, although 1.5.x on Linux has been a bit unstable for me.
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