Yes, Virginia, there will be a Flash Player 9 for Linux

Somehow I missed this, but there has been confirmation from Adobe/Macromedia that they will be releasing Flash Player 9 for Linux. While this is likely not of interest for the 100% OSS-at-all-costs group, I think it's encouraging. As much as I loathe flash ads, many interesting things do happen in flash. Increasingly, those things require Flash 8 or greater, which is frustrating. This will bring Linux in line with Windows and Mac. If Flash Player on Linux is a topic that interests you, the Penguin.SWF blog tracks its development and is an interesting read. Some of what's posted is good new, some is not but it's great to see an honest perspective from an insider. Still no word on a Photoshop port though :)
Linux, Flash, Adobe, Macromedia, Open Source, ADBE

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