What can we Learn from Microsoft

Steven Vaughan-Nichols lists his top five things Linux can learn from Microsoft. This list is:

2. Common Interface
3. Common Format
4. Marketing
5. OEM Support

While I don't 100% agree with every ascertation he makes, he brings up some very valid points. I think Marketing and OEM Support are going to be absolutely critical if we ever want to really cross the chasm. I'd still contend that once we get to the other side we might not like where we are, but that's a separate topic. As for number 1, better documentation for developers is something we sorely need and I've heard a recent rumor that OSDL will be putting one full time staffer on this. That would be extremely helpful and a single person dedicated to this could make a substantial impact. Let's hope they follow through. In the end, all too often I think we're too quick to just ignore or blindly hate Microsoft, which is not in our best interest. It's good to get a reminder sometimes that we need to stay the path, focus on where we are doing well/where we can improve and focus on what's important.
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