An Interview with Neelie Kroes

A quick follow up to a story I have been covering. An interview with Neelie Kroes, competition commissioner for the European Union, has just been posted on cNet. From the interview:
Do you believe Microsoft answered your questions truthfully?
Kroes: Microsoft has claimed that its obligations in the decision are not clear, or that the obligations have changed. I cannot accept this characterization–Microsoft's obligations are clearly outlined in the 2004 decision and have remained constant since then.
Indeed, the monitoring trustee appointed in October 2005, from a shortlist put forward by Microsoft, believes that the decision clearly outlines what Microsoft is required to do. I must say that I find it difficult to imagine that a company like Microsoft does not understand the principles of how to document protocols in order to achieve interoperability.

She also verifies that the fine in currently levied up to June 20th and is pending after that based on information Microsoft has already submitted. I don't have much to add to the interview, as I've said most of what I have to say in the previous two posts. As is often the case with interviews, I think the most interesting question went unanswered (although it's not a questions she could have answered, for obvious reasons). If you've been following the case, the interview is worth a read.
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