Microsoft hit with 280m euro fine

The EU has indeed followed through, as promised, and fined Microsoft almost $357m USD. From the article:

EU Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes said she had “no alternative but to levy penalty payments” against Microsoft, adding that “no company is above the law”.
“I regret that, more than two years after the decision… Microsoft has still not put an end to its illegal conduct,” Ms Kroes said.

It was also noted that a daily fine of 3m euros could be put into force after July 31st if Microsoft doesn't comply. Microsoft does plan to appeal, according to general counsel Brad Smith. While it's true that compared to the huge sums of cash Microsoft has, this is not a mammoth loss, but the reality is that this will have real implications on the profitability of the European market for the year. Aside from that, the repercussion to public opinion and the documentation gained by the settlement should not be understated. I'm sure the Samba guys are champing at the bit to get real documentation on how things actually work. In the end, even those of us outside the EU will benefit from this.
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