Adds Linux and Open Source Job Marketplace

In a move that's a bit new to LQ, we've just released the LQ Jobs Marketplace. Basically, it allows employers to post Linux, Open Source and programming related opportunities to LQ for a small one time fee. Over the years we've gotten an increasing amount of requests from companies to tap into the huge talent pool that exists at LQ. With over 250,000 registered members around the globe and countless new visitors every day, LQ could obviously be a huge potential resource for people looking to fill related job positions. Additionally, it's in the best interest of LQ to have as many people as possible gainfully employed in the OSS field. So it's a win-win. What's more, perspective employers can use a persons LQ history to get a general feel for knowledge. A posting history that spans a year or two will likely provide more information that any resume or interview. Happy job hunting!
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