Turns Six

As a just announced in the forums, LQ recently turned six. The site continues to grow at an astounding rate. It's not just the 2,311,325 posts and 254,019 registered members either. LQ ISO is just about to hit 2,000,000 downloads and we have almost 3,000 articles in the LQ Wiki. That not what's remarkable to me though. What is remarkable, is that despite our long term rapid growth, we've managed to stay both true to our roots and extremely friendly to the Linux Newbie. True, your post may scroll off the main forum page quicker that it used to, but the site still has much of the feel it did five years ago. That is something I'm truly proud of.
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One Response to Turns Six

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congrats tfor the milestone! I must agree that the site still has the community feel that it has for as long as I've been a member (and before, when I was an anonymous lurker). I think that this works because you set the rules in the beginning and wisely appointed the right moderators to keep the posts in line and friendly. I'm so glad that LQ is here to show that a focussed site does not have to be a troll fest. Groovy.

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