(Another) Microsoft Exec Jumps to Google

That's the title of this Business 2.0 article. From the article:
Another prominent Google-fighter leaves Redmond. This one concludes: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
Vic Gundotra, a general manager for platform evangelism at Microsoft and a 15-year employee, has agreed to join Google after first spending a year working on charitable endeavors, Business 2.0 has learned.

While not as high on the org chart as some other recent departures, Vic was integral in the recent Microsoft push to attract developers. He's also the one who hired Scoble, whose last day at Microsoft is today. Vic won't be able to start at Google for one year due to a non-compete clause and his role at Google isn't even defined yet. Mini-Microsoft is also reporting on the departure, but also adds that a wide spread reduction in force may be coming to Microsoft. Alone with the news yesterday that Microsoft is moving a bunch of existing execs around and the writing on the wall is clear – some major changes are going to be taking place at Microsoft in the short term. Whether those changes revive the company or are the beginning of a slow decline into a maintenance mode company remains to be seen.
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One Response to (Another) Microsoft Exec Jumps to Google

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe Microsoft is changing their mind about Linux: have you seen this story at http://www.kerika.com/blog.html about MS using Linux to host their Office 2007 demos?

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