Mundie Speaks on OSS

Craig Mundie, who was recently made chief research and strategy officer at Microsoft, was interviewed by eWeek and commented on the GPL. His response to the question about interoperability with Open Source (and specifically the GPL):
I have been one of the principle people architecting the way we are going to step up to this bigger question around interoperability, and that will certainly be a focus of mine going forward, along with Bob Muglia.
Let's not forget though, Mundie in the not too distant past was the Microsoft “anti-open-source poster child“. In fact, the Perens open letter that was signed by everyone from Stallman to O'Reilly, was addressed to Mundie. Has he done a mental 360 or is this just lip service? As I've mentioned in the past, words mean very little at this point and we need to see some action, and some significant action at that. Complying with the EU anti-trust case would be a start, but you don't get many points for simply following the stipulations of a lawsuit. With the history that Microsoft has, the olive branch they need to extend has to be almost tree-sized at this point. Let's stop the words and get to the actions, we're all waiting to see what happens.
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