Native Port of Google Earth Comes to Linux

When I saw that a native port of Google Earth would be coming soon, I didn't think it would be that soon. With the help of icculus, Google has ported Earth to Linux using Qt and OpenGL. I've had a chance to download it onto a couple machine and for the most part, things seem to work OK. For the first native port ever, things look quite smooth (I'm sure icculus helped substantially). Here's hoping that the response on this port is positive enough to warrant more native ports. It's a great first step I think and an indicator of the progress Linux is making. One thing to note: at least for me, Google Earth seemed to crash almost immediately on any machine with an nVidia driver installed. After a little poking around, it seems like it doesn't like the libGL that comes with the driver ( for me). Pointing to the system version solved the problem immediately. You can do so with LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ ./googleearth. Enjoy!
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