Steve Ballmer Attempts to Fix Spyware

It looks like Steve Ballmer recently offered to uninfest someones computer and wasn't able to fix it, nor were a team of top Microsoft engineers. So says Jim Allchin in this article. Seems more like a marketing ploy than a true story to me. The odds the Ballmer would try this hard to fix a machine, and then a team of top engineers would not be able to fix it seems far fetched. However, it does show that Microsoft is aware of what's going on in the real world.
This really opened our eyes to what goes on in the real world,” Allchin told the audience.
Makes you think they may actually fix it this time, eh? To me the real story here is Windows Live OneCare. We now have a company selling a product with so many problems, that they are going to sell another product to fix the first product. The best part for Microsoft here is that the second product is a subscription product. No more having to get people to upgrade to a new version of Windows, they can just get the $50+ a year out of them for OneCare. The scary thing is, people will buy this. Of course, Symantec and Mcafee are hurrying similar products to market now, but it's going to be hard to compete with Microsoft in the space. Here's hoping that this situation will help open the average consumers eyes to just how bad the current situation has gotten.
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2 Responses to Steve Ballmer Attempts to Fix Spyware

  1. Anonymous says:

    This move to Windows Live Onecare is pure financial genious. I have to agree with you in that Microsoft won't have to worry about pushing a new OS to keep the coins coming in. Now they can push a subscription-based product that will be bought up by millions, as the timing is just about perfect.
    So, will Symantec sue like Sun did?…

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is hilarious. It basically says they will automate their already poor defrag utility and cleanup program, backup program, add in a porbably just as poor anti-virus/spy/adware program, and offer online support which they should already do. Sadly, people are gulable enough to buy it…

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