Desktop Linux Summit Update

Now the Desktop Linux Summit update. The show is a little shorter than some (only 2 days) and has three tracks, but the tracks were pretty jam packed. No longer at the fair grounds, DLS has upgraded to the Grand Hyatt. Doc Searls had an extremely interesting and funny presentation on the first day and I was lucky enough to be able to catch up with him and a bunch of other people (Arne, Geo, Steve, etc) for a couple of drinks later. You often learn as much after the conferences as you do during ;) Also on the first day was a preview, by Nat Friedman, of what Novell has in store for the desktop. Some nice eye candy on the way, that's for sure. The second day held the main Keynote by Geoffrey Moore, where he covered Linux on the Desktop in relation to the chasm. I didn't agree with 100% of what he said, but he is an outstanding speaker and raised some excellent points (ie. it got you thinking). Ian Murdock and Michael Robertson also spoke on day two. Probably one of the most anticipated talks of the summit came when Rob Enderle got on stage (Google if you're not familiar with Rob). While he's still certainly a bit misguided on some things, I have to admit that he actually made some points on multiple different issues (I'm as absolutely shocked as you). Either he now has one toe in reality, or he was afraid of getting lynched (which Arnie seemed ready to do). All in all a great show and one I'm proud that have the LQ name associated with. I hope to attend again next year.
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