LinuxWorld Boston Wrapup

Taking a quick look at my last post (which is tagged LinuxWorld, I realized that I never posted a LinuxWorld wrapup. LQ once again exhibited at LWE in the .org Pavilion. We've been participants in numerous cities from New York to San Francisco to Boston to London. Exhibiting at LWE is always a fantastic time. The .org Pavilion always has a very fun set of both visitors and exhibitors. This year was no different. In fact, the “Best of Show” winner OpenSuse with located directly next to us. The LQ booth was a little less staffed than normal for us. This was the result of a last minute issue that came up for a traveling mod. The show was a little quieter than normal though, so Robin and I had no problems manning the both with just two people. Asking around a little, most (if not all) exhibitors said the show was quieter this year than last, and almost all attributed it to the location (which was BCEC this year and Hynes last year). The new BCEC is very nice, but the location of Hynes is much better. Back to the show itself, it started off with a bang when the Unisys booth literally caught on fire. Things settled down from there though and the rest of the expo went as expected. One interesting thing to see after exhibiting at these for a fair number of years now is the shear number of people who are either LQ members or at least remember getting help from the site. When we first exhibited in New York, the most popular question, BY FAR, was “what is”. That is no longer the case by a long shot. The shear number of people who come over to the booth just to shake our hand and say hello is staggering. It makes it all worth while (and then some). As usual the after expo festivities were in full swing in Boston. We didn't make the SugarCRM party unfortunately, but some of the Fedora guys said it was a great time. I got to chat with the TLTS guys quite a bit and they're a great group. All in all another great LWE. I hope LQ is once again invited to San Francisco, if we are I'll see you there. On the conference note, I have confirmed my trip to San Diego for DLS, so if you'd like to connect there, drop me a line.

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