Jboss vs Red Hat, who is more Open Source

Sometimes after I blog about something, I click the technorati tags for the post and check out what others are saying about the topic I've posted about. In fact, I did so for the previous post, entitled Red Hat Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire JBoss. Indeed, I found something interesting. There were more than a couple links to this post, from Jboss CEO Marc Fleury. The post is blank, you might say after clicking on it. Indeed it is, but enter the Google cache. The Sun vs Red Hat, who is more Open Source post contains the following (amongst much more):

* So to me both SUN and RH are open source “wannabees”, or as one of my developers put “open source girly men”.
* Today RH *IS* a proprietary vendor.
* RH is a packager, it doesn't create JACK, it doesn't create Linux, it wraps it up in proprietary shit. And no the contributions that they make don't really count. Linus Torvalds creates Linux.
* RH likes to pretend they are the open source community, waiving its flag. While this used to impress Wall Street it doesn't impress us.

Well, you get the idea. Now to be fair, that was posted a long time ago – “28 Sep 2004” in fact. While I don't find it odd or disturbing that Marc said any of those things, nor is there any indication that he still believes those things (at least in that exact form) two years later, I do wonder when and why the post was actually removed. I checked archive.org, but they have zero copies of the page. The Google cache says “as retrieved on Apr 7, 2006 03:44:47 GMT”, but I have no idea how accurate that really is. One of the great things in the Open Source community is the transparency. In the days of blogging and the Google cache, it's hard to hide anything anyway. I'm sure if you search on this blog you'll find something I said in 2004 that I'd vehemently disagree with now. We all live and learn after all. But that's a good thing, not something to hide. I still very much believe that the acquisition is a good thing for Red Hat, Jboss and the Open Source community in general…but curiosity does have me wondering about the exact delete date and what the removal reason was. Maybe he was just getting harassed for continually calling Michael “Tielman” instead of “Tiemann” ;)
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