LQ Now Fully Supports Tagging

I've talked about Social Networking at LQ a couple times before. We've taken that a step further today and the site now fully supports tagging. While the hierarchical layout of a forum is great for classifying information, it does lack a little in the way of flexibility. Double posting is frowned upon, so it's not easy to get something into Networking and Hardware for instance. While the forum layout will of course remain, tagging will allow much more granular categorization. You can put your thread in Hardware but tag it with networking, broadcom and whatever else you feel is important. The really powerful part for us is that any LQ member can also tag any post, so you'll really be able to get an idea of what is going on in the LQ community (and therefore the Linux community to an extent). This is just stage one of the rollout, we have a couple of really cool ways to use the data coming up really soon. Enjoy!
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