Back From SCALE 4x

I've been back from SCALE for a little while now, but some business craziness has been keeping me extremely busy so I haven't been able to comment yet. The event was fantastic – congrats to Ilan and the entire SCALE team…you did a fantastic job. The speaker list was quite impressive and included Andi Gutmans, Chris Dibona, Jono Bacon, John Terpstra and Hans Reiser (who wore an LQ shirt during his talk). As impressive as that list is, that is only a partial list of the talks I actually saw. I often had to miss things I really wanted to see, including what I hear was a interesting one from Adam Leventhal about DTrace. Some of the talks got fairly technical, which is always great. The atmosphere during the event was quite low key and many of the speakers and organizers could been seen walking about and chatting. The expo floor was small, but energetic and included some companies that I don't see at any of the other Linux events I go to. There were seven LUG in all if I counted correctly, which is impressive even for a metropolitan area as large as SoCal. I also had a chance to have a couple drinks with some of the speakers and organizers after the first day. All in all a great time and I definitely hope to be back next year.
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