The Linux Kernel, DRM, GPLv3 and OpenSolaris

A follow up to an earlier post about the Linux kernel and the GPLv3. Linus has given a further explanation on why he doesn't like the current draft of the GPLv3. A lot of it seems to stem from the fact that he doesn't like the anti-DRM clause, but there are other reasons. I tend to agree that the layer of license the GPL fails into is probably not the place to fight this battle (as insidious as DRM is). But, one thing that's very clear is that there is a ton of confusion as to what exactly the anti-DRM clause is stating. Some are taking it to mean that distros would have to release private keys, while other are stating that is unequivocally not the case. Hopefully the next draft will clear things up in this regard. An interesting related story here is that Sun is looking into GPLv3 for OpenSolaris. How ironic would it be if OpenSolaris ended up being GPL'd, but still not license compatible with the Linux kernel because one was v2 and one was v3. How many other cases of incompatibility would arise? For some reason I think that Jonathan Schwartz would relish in being able to say “Hey, we GPL'd OpenSolaris – the fact that it's still not compatible with the Linux kernel isn't our fault”. It should be noted that Alan Cox recently commented that he didn't think the cross-pollination value between the Linux kernel and OpenSolaris would be as high as some had thought. I can't offer any valuable commentary on that, but Dtrace does look pretty sweet.
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