Added a Little Social Networking to LQ

With the number of registered members that LQ has (over 200,000), I though it made sense to add a little social networking to the site. Some of the bare basics were there, but the data was hard to get at. You could add someone to your buddy list, for example, but you couldn't easily view the network. As of a couple minutes ago, that changed. The feature is still in beta and is really in its early concept phase, but you can view the network starting at any arbitrary point now. Here's my network as an example (Yes, I really should add some members to my friends list). I can see some other items that would make this more interesting and it's not fully integrated into the site yet, since it's in beta. I'd also envision some other changes on the horizon to help you find other members with similar interests for example. Like I said before, the redesign was only the beginning – we have some cool stuff on the horizon (and we'll continue to fix bugs and make those small usability improvements along the way too).
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