Sun and Apple Almost Merged Three Times

So says the legendary Bill Joy in this Register article. There are some definite similarities between the companies. Both produce higher cost, slick products (note that for Apple slick means styling and for Sun slick means something different). Both are California based companies with a focus on UNIX-related technologies. Apple has a strong desktop showing and is trying to get into the server market. Sun has a strong server showing and has tried multiple times to get into the desktop market. So, there are some obvious synergies (although I cringe just typing that word) between the two companies. I see one huge problem that would prevent them from merging though. Steve Jobs and Scott McNealy are both high profile CEO's that have lengthy ties to their respective companies. They are both founders in fact. Who would the CEO of this new company be? Since it's clear they both have differing vision of future direction, what direction would this new company follow? Do you think either of these two are ready to split the limelight? Additionally, having to maintain two UNIX-based OS's would be a huge expense but getting rid of either one would alienate way too many people. In the end, I just can't se it happening (although these days you never know).
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One Response to Sun and Apple Almost Merged Three Times

  1. Anonymous says:

    Merging the companies in my opinion isn't a good idea (not that it will really happen). First of all competition comes to mind (along with anti-trust for example…). Secondly, the two have defined usability and how a desktop should be like rather differently and this would definitely be a complex issue to solve if they were ever to merge. In fact I think the different definitions of many concepts and functions makes them good competitors, provides a larger variety of products and makes things a wee bit more interesting.

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