You Never Forget Your First Web Server

A great post from Jeremy Zawodny about the first public web server he had. I remember mine quite well also. It was a dual PentiumPro 180 with a PR440FX Intel board and would become the first machine to run LQ. I think I had the server online in 1999, although LQ didn't go up into 2000. The distro was Red Hat 5.2, aka Apollo, although by the time LQ was public it had been upgraded to zoot. As Jeremy says, you used to actually upgrade machines as opposed to just replace them. I remember having to bring LQ down for a couple hours to upgrade the machines single IDE drive to multiple SCSI drives with an Adaptec PCI controller. It also received a memory upgrade some time later. I even installed an LCD in it at one point. The machine actually sits just a few feet from my desk, right next to the second machine to run LQ (which was actually a rackmount server). LQ's come a long way since then. I've attached a old picture.


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