BusinessWeek Looks at How Open Source Did in 2005

Here's a BusinessWeek article that looks at what they consider the five biggest Open Source events of 2005. Not sure I agree with all of them, but it's always good to see the mainstream media report positively op Open Source. I think one thing true about 2005 is that CIO's did buy into Open Source (literally). Companies such as Red Hat did extremely well. In this initial adoption phase though, companies seem to just purchase Open Source as they did with closed source and proprietary items. In a couple years, when they realize the true benefits of buying into the ideals of Open Source, it will be interesting to see how companies like Red Hat do. I'd guess they'll adapt to the times and flourish, but it's going to be a major shift. These are fat times in a lot of ways and things are going to get much more competitive I think. That's good for everyone though, and someday I look forward to a day when the vendors that do the best monetarily are the ones who treat their clients the best and have the best product. In the past, the “No one's ever been fired for buying X” mentality has ruled far too often IMHO…
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