Infrastructure Upgrades at LQ

With the code upgrade at LQ recently completed, I decided to do some infrastructure upgrades that I had been putting off. Two weeks ago I made the switch from PHP 4.4.x-> PHP 5.1.x and just now I made the change from Apache 1.3.x -> Apache 2.2.x. So far, things seem to be running smooth – almost too smooth. With multiple changes this big I expected more problems. Maybe they're just waiting for a more inopportune time ;) I have to say that it's great to finally have a dev server to test these changes out on before I roll them out to LQ. It should be interesting to see how Apache2+PHP5 compare to Apache1+PHP4 with some serious traffic. Anecdotally it seems that Apache2 uses a bit less memory, but that may be a result of the long uptimes that I was used to seeing Apache1 at. If you notice any speed difference do let me know. One thing to keep in mind is that we ran fairly modified and tweaked versions of both Apache1 and PHP4, while Apache2 and PHP5 are mostly stock as it is now. As I am comfortable with the stability of the new setup, I'll get to the tweaking.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Been a casual reader for years. Just created an account to say I did notice a speed bump. PHP5 is awesome, you'll like the upgrades if you're doing any serious OO work.

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