Microsoft’s Top 10 Challenges for 2006

Directions on Microsoft has listed Microsoft’s Top 10 Challenges for 2006. While a couple of them are interesting, one really stood out to me. Deliver Clarity on Managed Solutions (I should also note that I think at least two items are missing from the list, but that's a post for another time). So, why does that one stick out to me? One area that Microsoft has usually gotten kudos in, is the way it treats its channel. It may have strong armed its customers and business partners, but the channel was immune to that. The fact that they are now cannibalizing that is a sign to me that they are a little nervous and looking to generate cash in ways that are somewhat short sighted. If they lose even a portion of that huge channel, their sales will eventually suffer…and with them scooping up huge clients like Energizer, it's inevitable that some channel partners will get a bit jaded and start offering non-Microsoft solutions. After all, if you have to actually compete with Microsoft for the “managed solutions” business, how can you win? This may be the sleeper downfall of Microsoft in 2006 and is something I'll definitely be keeping an eye on.


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