A Little More MySQL Info (but I'm not linking)

I found a little more information about the recent MySQL/Innobase topic. Why am I not going to post the link? The article is on a SYS-CON site, but that has nothing to do with it. You may remember that most of the Open Source related SYS-CON staff resigned a while back (LQ Radio interview), but I have a policy on this blog of linking to any story that I find useful or of interest, regardless of the source. So what is the reason? It reliably crashes both Firefox and Mozilla for me, and I don't want to put you through that. I'm not sure if it's one of the 14 ads or the video applet that insists on auto starting…but after the fourth try I gave up and went to good ol' lynx. The interesting tidbit in the article is the following quote from MySQL AB CEO Marten Mickos:
“On the day of the announcement, I received a phone call from Oracle president Charles Phillips assuring me of their intent to renew the contract. They certainly have the resources to add value to InnoDB. But even if the contract would not be renewed for some reason, the existing contract gives MySQL broad rights to future releases of InnoDB. The contract also allows us to perpetually service our existing InnoDB customers. Additionally, users can feel secure in the fact that InnoDB is an open source product that is freely available to use and modify under the GPL License.”.
It seems the current contract terms might be a little more liberal then one would have thought. Since it was probably just Heikki negotiating for Innobase, the terms seem to be quite favorable for MySQL AB. Odds on that happening again with Oracle at the helm? Slim I'd guess. The article also has a brief comment on the recent SCO deal. You haven't heard SCOX for a while, have you. It's nice, isn't it ;) I'll keep it that way and not go into any more detail.
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