MySQL Innobase Follow Up

A quick follow up to this post. Not a whole lot of details have surfaced unfortunately, but a little moire information is available here. I'd love to get a hold of some of the “speculation” that was edited out (even off the record), but so far I haven't been able to ;) This is turning into a huge story though, and even Forbes has covered it. Daniel Lyons is right up there with Laura Didio and Rob Enderle though, so watch where you step. The one thing I did notice is that just days after the announcement, Heikki was on the support list as usual – helping random users (which I think shows some class). I'd still guess that MySQL AB is kicking themselves for not acquiring Innobase when they had the chance, and they certainly can't be looking forward to having to renegotiate their deal for InnoDB with Oracle. Ellison is ruthless when it comes to competition and something as simple as making all products containing InnoDB to be GPL'd would throw a huge wrench into the MySQL revenue stream. This will get interesting (and probably messy).
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