Ward Cunningham leaves Microsoft for Eclipse

Ward Cunningham, the father of the Wiki, has officially left Microsoft and will be joining the Eclipse Foundation. Luckily for Ward, when Ballmer said “just tell me it's not Google”, he could calmly say no and avoid another aeron getting tossed. This marks a huge change for Ward. Not only is he going from proprietary to Open Source, but he's only Eclipse's 10th employee. His new title is Director of Committer Community Development, but the article seems to indicate that he'll be doing more than just that (which you'd expect in an organization of 10). It's great to see names like this join the Open Source world and hopefully at some point, moves like this will stop the silly you can't make any money with free software that Microsoft and other keep spouting off. This is a great time to check out WardsWiki or the LQ Wiki, which aims to be the largest general Linux knowledgebase on the web.
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