The Value Dell Puts on Microsoft Windows

Anyone who's dealt with Dell knows the voodoo involved in their pricing. It does seem odd though, that a PC with no OS would cost more than one with Windows. Now, I know the argument – the companies that pay to preload Windows only trial software offset the cost of the Windows license. But is the claim seriously that it covers that and the price of a 17″ LCD? If so, I need to get into the preload trial software business I guess. The reality would seem to be the Dell is still quite inextricably tied with Microsoft. Why else would they make non Microsoft systems so convoluted and difficult to find? Now, they are a business and need to do what the can to maximize their profits, but it's just another case of the consumer coming absolutely last. On a side note, it was interesting to see that Dell accidentally hosted their anti-Sun campaign on Solaris 9 for a while due to an ISP snafu. Hilarious.
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One Response to The Value Dell Puts on Microsoft Windows

  1. Anonymous says:

    Didn't you know? Dell feels that putting MS Windows on their computer actually DEVALUES their machines, so they have to put a lower price tag on them! :-O

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