LinuxWorld UK Wrapup

With LinuxWorld come and gone, here's a quick wrapup. London was once again a great time. While I was extremely late the first day, I still had a full day to explore the city. Between this year and last year I got to see a fair bit of the city, and I must say I quite like it. One thing I did find odd was how early most things close, but this year we were able to find the spots you need to go to avoid that. Both David and Chris stayed in the same hotel as me, which I think worked out well. Ray and Peter both made the trek from outside of London each morning.
The .Org Village this year was much better than last year as far as the layout goes. While last year we had to stand in the aisle, this year we had a proper booth. As usual the .Org was busy. Overall, the show definitely has a much different feel than either of the US ones (although, to be honest those have a much different feel from each other). The one thing lacking this year was any kind of usable wifi, though that's not for lack of trying. As usual we got to meet some current LQ members and also meet some people who never heard of the site. Both are fun IMHO. We ended up getting a ton of feedback. Once again the pub ended up also being a great place for feedback. Any time a bunch of mods get together in person and start chatting I always learn a lot – both on the LQ topic (some brilliant ideas spawned in the pubs of London will certainly eventually make it into the LQ code) and just in general. A huge thanks goes out to all the mods who were able to attend. I have every intention of making LWE UK a yearly trip, as long as UKLinux and IDG make the generous offer.
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