Google Blog Search Goes Beta

Google just took the wraps off yet another BETA service. They have been on fire lately. This time, it's a Blog Search which most people had to see coming. With all the recent complaints I've seen about Technorati, this may be a opportune time for Google to jump into this market. Hopefully they can alleviate some of the splog problems that most engines have been having. While it probably won't happen, I'd like to see a concerted collaborative effort on this (ie. get Google, Yahoo!, Technorati, IceRocket and whoever else is interested to get together and pool efforts to reduce duplication of effort). I'll have to start comparing the major engines at this point and decide which one I'm going to use long term. I was surprised (but happily surprised) to see that a search for jeremy as of right now returns me as #1! Nice job Google ;)
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