Summer Fading, Hollywood Sees Fizzle

Can this possibly be correct? Hollywood may be starting to get it…and the NYTimes is then printing it? Something seems wrong here. This exact topic was discussed recently on LQ Radio. After blaming file sharing, piracy and a whole host of other things that were obviously incorrect it seems reality may have slapped them squarely in the face. Kudos. From the article:
Multiples theories for the decline abound: a failure of studio marketing, the rising price of gas, the lure of alternate entertainment, even the prevalence of commercials and pesky cellphones inside once-sacrosanct theaters. But many movie executives and industry experts are beginning to conclude that something more fundamental is at work: Too many Hollywood movies these days, they say, just are not good enough. think it's possible that the RIAA will wake up too? I didn't think so, but it's nice to dream ;)

2 Responses to Summer Fading, Hollywood Sees Fizzle

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have to let you know that when this topic was dicussed on LQ Radio, it struck an eerie chord with me. You mentioned that the last time you went into a movie store, you left with nothing. The exact same thing happened to me last May: walking around the video store for 10 minutes before leaving unsatisfied.
    They badly need to stop scapegoating, take a look, and make some changes to get people interested again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree. I've been most satisfied lately by indy stuff. That goes for music too. As a Canadian, I'm not so happy about forewarding the agenda of the RIAA and the CRIA, as well as the MPAA. Its time they got witht he times and created some cool stuff and make it available in a better format.

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