Did Firefox Lose Market Share in July to IE?

Looks like NetApplications thinks so. A .64% drop, with a sample size of only 40,000 sites and not a single mention of expected error margin don't mean a whole lot to me though. I posted LQ's numbers a while back. If I have time later I'll re-run stats to see if the indicated trend is apparent on LQ. Speculating on why this happened would be tenuous at best at this point, but it could be anything from a sampling error to the fact that all the new “back to school” PC's come preloaded with IE. I've even heard rumors that some Microsoft patches have the side effect of re-enabling IE as the default browser. I'm going to wait until next month to see if this trend continues next month before I expend too much mental capacity on this one, but I have to admit that I've been wondering where Firefox's natural market share would stabilize at. No opinion from Asa on this yet.
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