OSCON and Gnomedex Reflection

It's clear having attended both OSCON and Gnomedex that the excitement is coming back to the web and Open Source communities. The good news is that the irrational exuberance of the bubble has been replaced with rational exuberance. People are excited again. And for good reason – exciting things are happening. Whether you like the Web 2.0 meme or not (Tim Bray doesn't, while Tim O'Reilly does), it's clear that things are changing. It's still not clear where all this will end up, but it's great being part of the ride. On the conference note, the first LinuxWorld without an LQ booth in a long time started today. It's a shame we couldn't be there and I'm going to miss the chance to meet so many members at once. I remain hopeful that we'll be at LWE Boston and LWE London though.
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