I attended the OSCON OSI BOF last night. Overall I think it went extremely well and was quite encouraging. So encouraging that I've offered to do whatever I can (if anything) to help. One of the main topics discussed was License Proliferation. While no one on the OSI board or in the crowd had any solid definitive answers, they are starting to fully understand the problem and attempt to formulate a plan. I for one am glad to see that they're not just jumping into anything, but are trying to learn from the past and make a sound decision here. It's certainly not going to be an easy problem to solve. They also discussed the possibility of opening up the OSI to some kind of membership. The crowd was really into this BOF, which was great to see. After the BOF was over, a Brazilian drink of some kind was being made. Unfortunately I wasn't around long enough after the meeting to try it. I ran into Steve Mallet at the meeting (he's the OSI webmaster) and we ended up discussing quite a bit of stuff from Sun to Linux on the Desktop. Was great to meet Steve in person as we've discussed quite a bit online in the past. He's agreed to be a future LQ Radio guest, so stay tuned for that.
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