Levanta's Linux Management Appliance

When I first saw the Levanta Intrepid M, I thought it was an extremely nice device. For those of you who remember LinuxCare, what remained of that company was renamed to Levanta about a year or so ago. The Intrepid M has an impressive list of features, including bare metal provisioning, the ability to capture state, the ability to snapshot and then put that snapshot on any device, the ability to help with migrations, the ability to deploy patches and packages and even the ability to track any change on any machine. It supports Red Hat, Suse/Novell and Fedora. It seems to do everything Red Hat's RHN Satellite does and more, with the added bonus of supporting multiple distributions and coming as a preconfigured hardware device. All this for the low price of $7,495.00. The bad news? That only includes 10 client licenses. Surely if you need a device like this you have 100 or 1000 machines though. Extra licenses are $250/each and there is no mention of volume pricing (although I'd guess some kind of discount would materialize at a certain level). That means 1000 machines would set you back a quarter million. That seems a bit excessive. For comparison, Satellite is $13,500 which includes the first 50 client licenses and then $3,500 per 50 pack after that (which comes out to about $70/each). Net price for 1000 machines would be $80,000. Don't forget that this is all on top of the cost of the OS – $349 for RHEL ES, $0 for Fedora or $349 for SLES. Needless to say, it looks like a great package, but the combo price of $600 per box for RHEL/SLES and an Intrepid M aims it very squarely at a specific market. Price aside, it looks like a absolutely fantastic product and I wish Levanta the best.

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