Are Windows Users Are Idiots?

According to this article, Windows users are idiots. I have to disagree, for a couple of reasons. First, I'd have to say that lacking knowledge about a computer in no way makes you an idiot. I'm sure there are plenty of geniuses that are completely computer illiterate. But it goes beyond that. People are lazy – it's a fact of life. Most people don't want to have to understand computers. I don't blame them really. The problem is that 1) Windows comes insecure by default, 2) Windows comes preinstalled on almost every desktop machines sold and 3) Windows makes it too easy to not have to learn anything to change those defaults. There is no user education. The outcome is an army of spam spewing zombies. I think it's our responsibility, as the 10% of people who want to and do understand computers really well, to lead the other 90% in the right direction. Don't just tell someone “Oh yeah, Windows sucks” – that makes you look like an idiot IMHO. Explain to them why installing Linux or buying a Mac is in their best interest. Make them understand. They don't need to be able to compile a kernel or write a device driver. They need to be educated on why the alternatives are superior. Belittling them helps no one.

One Response to Are Windows Users Are Idiots?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Halleluja! Praise Saint Garcia! Well said. I couldn't agree more with what you said!

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