A Brief Look into LQ Visitors

LQ is in the “pretty big, but not huge” category, as far as web sites go (ie. 10M views a month < LQ < 100M views a month). While many members are extremely new to Linux, the average visitor is certainly more technical than the average visitor at most sites. After all, they are taking the time to research Linux. I thought it would be interesting to give people an idea of who visits a site like LQ – what OS are they using, what browser? The following data is from the last month or so:

OS %
Windows 52.2%
Linux 40.1%
Unknown 4.9%
Macintosh 2.0%
*BSD 1.0%
Solaris 0.3%
Browser %
Firefox/Mozilla 57.7%
Explorer 27.9%
Unknown 5.2%
Konqueror 4.1%
Opera 3.3%
Safari 1.2%
Galeon 0.3%
Links/Lynx 0.2%

As you can see, on LQ, Windows only has slightly above half of the OS share. That puts us way outside the normal for typical non-technical sites. But notice how much of a lead FF/Mozilla has. That goes to show that regardless of what platform people are using, their browser of choice is often FF/Mozilla. A good example of this is Mac. Mac comes with Safari but just under half of the Mac users seem to be using FF (The number of people who use Mac and don't use one of Safari or FF is very small). Note that unknown for the OS is either a spider or an occasional RSS reader that doesn't report it. A lot of interesting info can be gleaned from those two tables, but I'll leave some of the fun up to you ;)
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